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$95.00 per hour

Veterans: $75.00 per hour

Receive a 1.5 hour massage for complete relaxation allowing extra time

to work on problem areas.  More time to release trigger points and

stretching exercises. $140.00


Must Cancel within 72 hours prior to massage or you will be charged for the massage.

Spirit Painting

This is a divine journey into self.  We will call on God and your angels to participate in this powerful chakra healing.  I will pull 4 to 8 tarot cards for the initial view intuitively.  This will reveal colors and a pattern of spiritual needs manifested from within.  I will then lay the colors out on the canvas and paint the spiritual base. Upon completion I will add the bones and the digits. This is where your Spirit guides will show up and finalize your message.

This painting will be one that you can enjoy forever and be  reminded of how beautiful you truly are inside and out! This human experience is temporary , but our spirits are forever.

spirit painting 1.jpg
spirit painting 3.jpg

Every client's needs are unique and care is given to provide a contoured treatment experience developed especially for YOU!

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