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Massage Heelers offers a “Multi-Modality Signature Massage, designed to fit the individual needs of each client. As our name describes, with emphasis on the word ”Heeler”, we use our feet along with other modalities including techniques from Ashiatsu, Neuromuscular Release, Thai Massage, Stretching, Hot Towel Treatment, Hot Stones, Reflexology and more. The methods used depends upon your individual needs and what will be the best for your treatment. We are dedicated to your health and wellness as well as our own. At Massage Heelers we understand that we cannot consistently heal our clients if we are not healed ourselves. Our Signature Massage makes it possible for us to stay healthy while we do this work. It is our mission to teach as many other therapists to care for themselves and their clients using this Signature Massage. If you are looking for a full “Mind, Body & Spirit” reset and rejuvenation... Massage Heelers is the place for you!

Coaching clients to adopt healthier lifestyle practices

Specialize in: Swedish Massage   -   Deep Tissue Massage   -    Spot Massage   -    Medical Massage 

Sports Massage (Golfers Welcome)   -  Chair Massage  -    Stone Therapy Massage

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